Versatile, reliable and high-precision monitoring family.

A complete line to attend from basic monitoring, transportation, home care or critical care such as ICUs and CTI's.

Monitores VITA iSERIES


All the benefits of technology and design for safe monitoring in different hospital environments at an affordable cost.

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Monitores VITA 500 e VITA 600

VITA 500 and VITA 600 monitors

Monitoring system for those seeking quality, safety and technology with highly reliable clinical performance.

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Monitor de Transporte VITA 600e

VITA 600e Transport Monitor

Multiparameter monitor ideal for those looking for security, easy handling and portability. With a design designed exclusively for outpatient and emergency care, allowing internal and external transport.

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Monitores VITA 1000 Series

VITA 1000 Series Monitors

With high-tech monitoring and dedicated clinical tools, the VITA 1100 and VITA 1200 monitors are the ideal solution for critical care.

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Monitores VITA 400

VITA 400 Monitors

Resistant equipment with excellent cost-benefit and flexible characteristics that guarantee the effective monitoring of patients of different levels of acuity.

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Central de Monitoramento VITA

VITA Monitoring Center

The VITA Monitoring Center (CMV) is a complete and efficient solution for managing, in an organized way, VITA multi-parameter monitors of mobile and fixed health units.

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Monitor de Sinais Vitais VITA i20

VITA i20 Vital Signs Monitor

Monitor safely and accurately. Suitable for screening the VITA i20 has a compact design with angle adjustment providing perfect viewing and ease of handling.

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